This website is created as a gathering place for family, friends and people who were touched by Seth's life. We ask that you share your memories, stories and thoughts on his 24 years of life.

       As information and details surrounding the tragic death of Seth are brought to light, they will be posted for your comment and understanding. It is the sole purpose of this family, that the truth be known and that the truth will serve to halt the destruction of another innocent life.



Seth Adams, born April 19th 1988 and died May 17th 2012

        On Wednesday night may 16th, Seth was driving home as he did every Week after playing poker with his buddies. As Seth pulled into his family's property where he lived and worked, he noticed a car parked on the family's private property next to the posted " No Parking Signs". The facts as to what happen next are still under investigation, but what we are sure of is the car was an unmarked Palm Beach County Sheriffs car, driven by Sgt. Michael Mario Custer. From that point, we know Sgt. Custer shot Seth Adams who was unarmed 4 times, 2 shots to the chest, 1 shot to the abdomen and 1 shot to his right arm. Seth was not restrained by Deputy Custer and was able to open the gate to his family's garden center and stumble approximately 300 ft before collapsing. As Seth lay dying, he was able to call his home on the property in an attempt to get help and told his family that he had been "shot by a cop". When the family came out to help Seth, they founded him bloodied and lying near the house. From there, they ran towards the front gate of the property where they saw police lights and numerous police officers in an attempt to get help for their brother. They arrived at the front gate screaming that Seth needed help, they were met with assault rifles and told to get on the ground. The family was barred from re-entering the property to help Seth as he lay bleeding with no assistance from Police or family. It took about a hour for authorities to transport Seth to a hospital, where he died an hour later. Seth passed away May 17th. There are only two people who know what happen that caused the death of Seth. Sgt. Michael Mario Custer and Seth Isaac Adams and one is no longer alive.

"Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat

To Justice Everywhere"

M.L.K. Jr.

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